Make your Relationships Stronger

We believe that engaging in couples counseling and/or individual therapy can be a powerful and transformative process that allows you to develop and sustain your most rewarding and healthy relationships.

The Relationship Institute of San Francisco specializes in couples counseling, individual therapy, marriage counseling and business co-founder relationships.

We teach skills for improving communication, conflict resolution, rebuilding trust after betrayal, and helping you to be seen and heard in any type of relationship - whether in your marriage, family or business.

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Liz Hayman, MFT

Liz Hayman, MFT

Our Specialties

Couples & Relationship counseling

Common Issues: Communication, affairs/ intimacy, conflict, resentments, divorce, ADHD, anger & accountability.

Business Relationship coaching

Common Issues: Co-founder relationships, start-up environment & stress, resolving conflict, trust & delegation.

Transitions within a relationship

Common Issues: Pre-marital counseling, falling out of love, difficulty with in-laws, considering separation, grief & loss.


Common Issues: Different parenting styles, baby on the way, sexual issues, unequal division of responsibility, child affecting your relationship, difficult child, not having enough time for your relationship.